Saturday, 10 July 2010

Welcome Note

As mummies we multi-task, look after kids, juggle the household and then maybe we have ten minutes a day to ourselves! Before becoming a Lingerie Stylist I can't remember the last time I was fitted for a bra. I did actually attempt going in for a fitting just after my son was born.. I caught a bus into town and Izac (now 14 months) was a dream right up until I try ed to get the huge pram through the change room doors.. I lasted about ten minutes before I could see his screaming was disrupting the other shoppers and i was so stressed I left.. Which makes me wonder how many other women feel like this and just go without only to hold onto their maternity bras?

Now that I'm working as a Lingerie Stylist, I see a majority of women that complain about neck, shoulder & back pain. Up to 80% of us are wearing an incorrectly fitting bra resulting in poor support. Constant complaints about straps that dig in, red marks under the breast or bulging bits that come out of the bra are all indicators that your bra doesn't fit correctly and its time for a new one.

Typically I'll suggest at least 5+ Bra's in your lingerie wardrobe which might include some everyday bra's, sports bra's & weekend lingerie including something sexy and perhaps a convertible strapless or maternity nursing bra for your current lifestyle.

So here it is, your blog dedicated to finding out how to find a correctly fitting bra, info about new collection releases and what bra best suits what occasion!

If you're interested in finding out more about what suits your body shape, updating your lingerie wardrobe with Intimo Lingerie or having a professional FIT & MEASURE SESSION in the Sydney metro area.. I'd love to come out and see you. Please book at least two weeks in advance as it gets BUSY!

Allie xx